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Churchyard Information and Search

The church and churchyard date from 1845. There have been over 650 burials. The commonest village surnames are Dando, Cook, Tovey, Newman & Dutfield.

St Saviour's is the ecclesiastical Parish of Coalpit Heath constituted in 1845 for the pastoral care of colliers whose lengthy working hours made it difficult for them to attend St Peter's Church situated on other side of the hill. A high proportion of Frampton Cotterell Civil Parish is encompassed within newer Coalpit Heath so look for many village ancestors here. The original Victorian graveyard was filled within 85 years, then an extension was dedicated in December 1922 where the burials have proceeded in orderly rows. The Garden of Remembrance is located just by the Lych Gate entrance. The War Memorial cross is central within the extension and is inscribed with more deaths for 2nd World War than the Great War, which is unusual. This churchyard is immaculate with its trimmed grass and maintained trees. The graveyard was surveyed having each tombstone meticulously drawn and numbered for easier location. Maureen Thompson (registrar) and Graham Hayter have compiled full records with precise dates and inscriptions for individual graves. Please note that this is simply a record of the visible graves.

We have photographed and transcribed most of the gravestones and the old registers (Baptism, Confirmation, Bann, Marriage, Burial and Service Registers). Details of the gravestone inscriptions can be found below, but if you would like to search for information in the registers or need any other assistance please contact Andy. There is a standard charge of £19 per register search.

You can search the list of inscriptions in the churchyard for free, list them all or view a PDF plan* of the churchyard.

*In order to view pdf files you may need a pdf file reader such as Adobe Reader.


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If this information has been of use to you, you can help to support St Saviour's Church in a variety of ways. For full details of each inscription please contact Andy.

Your search for 'newman' found 14 records.

Ref#SurnameFirst NameAgeDiedSpouseAgeDiedType*
76    Newman  Sarah  66  1933  Henry  80  1956  Hz
111    Newman  Ernest  87  1952  Constance  88  1968  Hd
111    Newman  Joseph  89  1994  Myra  85  1998  Hd
189    Newman  Alice  91  1963  William  96  1971  Hd
222    Newman  Leslie  72  1977  Ina  72  1977  Hz
278    Newman  Eliza  81  1928  William  95  1942  Hd
329    Newman  Rosina  71  1920  George  77  1938  Hz
356    Newman  Sarah  74  1887  Joseph (son)  67  1889  Hz
358    Newman  Leah  81  1925  Joseph (son)  81  1925  Hz
596    Newman  Thomas  47  1901  Sarah      Hd
597    Newman  Alice  41  1907  Frank  56  1919  Hd
599    Newman  Joseph  68  1895  Elizabeth  79  1908  RHz
601    Newman  Annie  37  1903  Albert  50  1925  RHz
623    Newman  Charles  61  1913  Elizabeth  81  1937  RHz

Graves recorded by Maureen Thompson and Graham Hayter.

*Type = The type of grave:
ChChest tomb
FlorFlower container or plot
HzFlat stone or rectangular surround
RHzRaised stone or rectangular surround
PlaqSquare plaque
XVertical cross

Alternatively, you might be looking for information on new burials or churchyard regulations.

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