Introduction to the database

'This database is a record of the steam engines constructed in the United Kingdom up to the end of the year 1800. It records only the first erection of each engine, (although what happened to it later is explained in the comments section if known).

The information held is the result of over 40 years of work by John Kanefsky, drawing together the research and scholarship of many people. The most recent addition is the addition of grid references by Mike Gill. Details of how the database come to be developed and those involved are set out in the "History of the database" and "Acknowledgements".

How to use the database

Details of each engine can be searched for and are displayed under the following headings:

DATE  :  LOCATION (incl. number there)  :  OWNER  :  TYPE  :  COUNTY  :  INDUSTRY  :  PURPOSE  :  CYLINDER SIZE

Further details for each engine identified by a search can be accessed by following the link for that engine in the search results. For full details of what each category includes please go to "Explanation of the Database Layout".

By making this database available to all we hope that it will be expanded and corrected over time, as researchers on different industries and localities contribute to its evolution.

- If you are aware of any omissions or can suggest amendments, please submit the changes.
- If you are engaged in similar research and would like a copy of the full data as a spreadsheet please contact us.


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