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The Gift Aid Scheme

By Jessica Lock

There are many ways of supporting St Saviour's financially, through one-off donations or by regular giving, and if you are a tax-payer, you can give permission for tax to be reclaimed on your donation, increasing the amount by 25p for every pound you give. (The £1 in your pocket was worth £1.25 before you paid tax, at 20%.)

Since the church has charitable status, its income is not taxed, so it is allowed to reclaim the tax you have paid. The tax does not have to be PAYE type tax. You may pay tax on pensions, interest on investments or capital gains - this can all count towards the amount which can be reclaimed. All you need to do is confirm that you are a tax-payer and that the amount to be reclaimed does not exceed the amount of tax you have paid. Any paperwork is dealt with by the Planned Giving Administrator, Jessica Lock, who will be very happy to answer any questions about the Gift Aid scheme or the weekly envelopes (see below).

If you attend St Saviour’s fairly regularly, you may like to have a set of envelopes, numbered and dated, which you can fill weekly and bring to church when you come. These envelopes come in two different colours, to differentiate between those who have been able to give permission for tax to be reclaimed (Gift Aid Scheme) and those who have not (Weekly Offering scheme). The number identifies you to the Planned Giving Administrator, as records have to be kept for the Gift Aid scheme, so that the correct amount of tax can be reclaimed against your name. No-one else knows your number.

You can also give monthly, through your bank and again, if you give permission, tax can be reclaimed. Alternatively, there are brown printed Gift Aid envelopes in the pews in church, which visitors or occasional attendees can use.

The Gift Aid scheme currently adds over £3,000 to the church's annual income, so is well worth taking part in.

If you would like more information, please contact Jessica. Thank you for your support.

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