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Garden of Remembrance

Just as you enter St Saviour's Churchyard via the Lych Gate, on the right-hand side, is the Garden of Remembrance.

Garden of Remembrance

Comfort, O Lord, we pray thee,
all who mourn for the loss of those dear to them;
be with them in their sorrow;
give them faith to look beyond the troubles of the present time,
and to know that neither life nor death can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(From the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory.)

The following inscriptions appear on the memorial in the Garden of Remembrance:

In Memory of
Anthony Roy Evans Saturday, 16th March 2013
Janet Ann Young Monday, 1st October 2012
Terry John Claydon Wednesday, 4th July 2012
William Alec Rasmussen Tuesday, 21st February 2012
Jean Marshall Sunday, 26th February 2012
Belen Granados VillanuevaSunday, 6th November 2011
Peter MasterSunday, 4th September 2011
William Frederick ScudamoreSaturday, 25th December 2010
Elsie Mary GrattonThursday, 30th December 2010
Irene M. Tothill Thursday, 6th May 2010
Violet Alice Hawker Friday, 1st January 2010
Leonard Frederick Smith Thursday, 3rd December 2009
Phyllis Aileen Newman Sunday, 30th August 2009
Rubina Alice Hopes Tuesday, 25th August 2009
Margaret Goodridge Monday, 10th August 2009
Mabel Napthine Saturday, 11th July 2009
Martin Shelly Thursday, 11th February 1993
Thomas Thorne Walters Wednesday, 15th April 2009
Gwynneth Joan Walters Wednesday, 17th October 2007
Ivor Owen Wednesday, 17th December 2008
Avis Owen Wednesday, 13th August 2008
Garden of Remembrance
Geoff King Monday, 20th October 2008
Madge Evelyn Stevenson Saturday, 3rd May 2008
Clive Luton Thursday, 1st May 2008
Kathleen Oldfield Monday, 24th December 2007
Dennis Hubert Bisp Monday, 29th October 2007
Doris Airini Thorne Saturday, 9th December 2006
Peter Townsend Thorne Monday, 12th March 1990
George Keel Wednesday, 11th April 2007
Frank Smith Friday, 9th March 2007
Norman Charles Mitchell Sunday, 4th March 2007
Evelyn Rose Scott Monday, 28th August 2006
Margery Scull Wednesday, 19th April 2006
Philomena Carmel Tremlin Wednesday, 8th February 2006
Colin Dean Friday, 25th November 2005
Kenneth Gilbert Summerhill Wednesday, 21st September 2005
Patricia Winifred Rasmussen Sunday, 12th September 2004
Stanley Norman Parker Tuesday, 12th July 2005
Beryl Rodbourn Tuesday, 7th June 2005
Colin William Partridge Wednesday, 11th May 2005
Gordon Oliver Holmes Thursday, 10th March 2005
Michael Lile Harris Monday, 21st February 2005
Marion Betty Bamber Monday, 7th March 2005
Wendy Joan Nash Thursday, 20th January 2005
Beverley Denise Blatchford Friday, 24th December 2004
Emily Florence Woolley Sunday, 3rd October 2004
Alfred Stanley Woolley Saturday, 16th December 1989
Norman Vivian Tremlin Thursday, 22nd July 2004
Violet Clarke Sunday, 6th March 1994
Herbert Ernest Clarke Saturday, 17th July 2004
Megan Mildred Lowe Monday, 9th August 2004
Clifford Lowe Thursday, 13th May 2004
Garden of Remembrance
Peter Ernest Crook Monday, 8th March 2004
Elsie Winifred Evans Friday, 30th January 2004
Wilhelmina Hickling Sunday, 11th January 2004
Jennifer Anita Phipps Wednesday, 17th December 2003
Julian Thorne Walters Tuesday, 25th November 2003
Betty Webb Saturday, 22nd November 2003
Phyllis Elizabeth Hannah Cornish Saturday, 8th November 2003
Stella Maud Burnett Saturday, 29th March 2003
Arthur E Long Monday, 10th March 2003
Gwyneth Stephens Monday, 23rd December 2002
Ronald WJ Newman Sunday, 10th November 2002
Les Guille Wednesday, 23rd October 2002
Colin Bence Hobbs Tuesday, 28th April 1987
Morgan Owen Jones Evans Tuesday, 1st January 1985
Denzil Head Friday, 6th September 2002
Douglas Dean Thursday, 27th June 2002
Gwendoline England Wednesday, 12th June 2002
Raymond England Friday, 6th October 1972
Sylvia Patricia Campbell Friday, 15th February 2002
Terence John Copping Monday, 7th January 2002
Esther Margaret Copping Saturday, 22nd September 2001
Jennifer Mary Clark Thursday, 13th September 2001
Vera Lilian Simpkins Thursday, 27th December 2001
Herbert Alan Simpkins Monday, 8th July 1996
Desmond Ward Tremlin Tuesday, 14th August 2001
George Ernest Hopes Monday, 29th January 2001
Edith Lloyd Sunday, 16th July 2000
Ronald Percy Tovey Sunday, 13th June 1982
Celia Ann Martin Friday, 25th May 2001
'Nan' Evans Sunday, 15th April 2001
Frank Elson Thursday, 12th April 2001
Stephanie Elson Monday, 6th July 1987
Garden of Remembrance
Phyllis Smith Wednesday, 28th February 2001
Anthony Gilbert Allen Tuesday, 19th December 2000
Michael Dursley Armstrong Wednesday, 18th October 2000
Allan Raymond Lear Friday, 9th June 2000
Emily Bowling Tuesday, 26th January 1999
Jennie Filer Sunday, 10th May 1998
Jean Mary Watters Wednesday, 24th June 1987
Ernest MJ Wyatt Friday, 13th April 1984
Ethel M Wyatt Saturday, 12th July 1969
Annie Young Monday, 28th February 2000
John ORR Stewart Monday, 3rd January 2000
Alfred E V Tothill Saturday, 27th November 1999
Henry Lock Saturday, 16th October 1999
Sue Body Thursday, 24th June 1999
Philip Cole Sunday, 17th January 1999
Percy Alfred Evans Monday, 16th November 1998
Mary Exell Thursday, 22nd October 1998
Audrey Buckley Sunday, 19th July 1998
Harold George Gratton Sunday, 17th May 1998
Cyril Scull Saturday, 25th April 1998
Wally Norris B.E.M. Monday, 2nd March 1998
Percy Bowyer Saturday, 13th December 1997
Mabel Winifred Elson Monday, 18th October 1993
Bob Lloyd Thursday, 28th December 1989
Douglas George Hickling Monday, 12th December 1988
Alice Dorothy Davis Thursday, 10th November 1988
Percy Young Saturday, 31st October 1987
Victor Walliss Hawker Tuesday, 17th February 1987
Thomas Exell Monday, 3rd December 1984
Kathleen Mary Sumner Thursday, 30th August 1984
Dulcie Gill Friday, 4th January 1991
Albert Gill Thursday, 22nd February 1968

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